i don't want to brag to my friends in the mid-west, or east coast-- especially my new englander's who are just bombarded with snow but this week is like summer here in san diego.  it's been 80 degrees on the coast so i busted out some summer-like fashion and plan on going to the beach later this week.  i hope you are all having a great week so far. xx
maternity shorts | oversized tunic not maternity: sized up so i can grow with it | tote similar, sharper price point | sunnies | sandals 


we go to hawaii in a month.  i don't know what the heck is going to be going on with my bod come next month but here is what i'm thinking will be perfect for my maui packing list.  aloha! xx

comfort meets style.  i am liking neutral colors, simple pieces and loads of flowy actions //
dresses: 1 / 2 | tank tops | maternity shorts | straw hat | bathing suit | sunnies: 1 / 2 | baseball hat | tunics: 1 / 2 | tote | maxi dress | denim dress |


IT'S A GIRL!  holy happy monday!  today we found out the little nugget inside of me is a little lady.  it was so magical!  we found out at our appointment while we were seeing tons of up close and personal shots of the babe.  we kept it a secret from my family and had them over for VG cupcakes stuffed with pink in the center- while we were eating them we shot a video and sent to our east coast family and friends.  
jeff and i were way too impatient for a reveal but it was so was fun to do a little something for family.  everyone is super excited and it's starting to feel so real now that we can identify the baby as a she!  hope you all had a great weekend. xx
tee similar | cami | denim | hat | watch


guys: this is going to be my first ever throwback thursday.  i don't even do #TBT on ig so this is sort of a big deal.  jeff has the flu, yikes, so I have quarantined myself in our office and i've been getting loads done--- work, emails, organizing photos bla bla bla.  i came across photos from jeff's quick birthday trip to june lake that we took in the beginning of the year.  if you haven't been to june lake, go.  it's neighbors to mammoth and yosemite; it's quaint, cute and worth a visit.  we stayed at the double eagle lodge; it had a great cabin feel, was cozy and in a great little location, jeff drank local beers, we explored paths -- didn't hike due to the babe in the belly but there are awesome hikes, had dinner in mammoth and just enjoyed the winter. xx

 coat | woven | leggings | socks, similar | boots | sunnies


ok my husband is like the sweetest, most giving, thoughtful person on this earth but he hates valentines day.  like wants to know why he has to give flowers on a certain day when he surprises me with flowers and other thoughtful gifts randomly throughout the year.  my answer? i don't want to feel left out. OMG- i'm so lame...like typing it made me cringe.  Every year Jeff sticks his tail between his legs and makes me feel special on the hallmark holiday but if you wanted to hint hint to your significant other (who also hates valentines day) below are some cutie gift ideas..and a few cute ideas for him too!